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GLO 4G LTE is Here!

GLO 4G LTE is Here!

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Grandmasters of data, GLO, has officially joined the 4G LTE family. GLO 4G LTE is now live in Nigeria. Just a few days ago, GLO increased the data cap of some of their data plans. Little did we know that they were preparing for the launch of their 4G services. As usual, only 4G enabled smartphones/routers/modems can use this network. If you use a 3G only phone, it's time for you to replace it with a 4G LTE supported smartphone.The most exciting thing is that the 4G network is available  in more than 25 cities across the country at the time of launch (check the map at the end of the post to see if GLO 4G is available in your hood!
GLO 4G LTE Ad with RMD

GLO also announced the new data plans for the 4G network. Except the addition  of N500 plan, the 4G data plans have the same data cap and prices as the GLO 3G data plans.You can check the table below for the full list.

GLO 4G Data Plans and Prices

Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeValidity
Small Plans4G LTE 505030MB1 Day
4G LTE 10010060MB1 Day
4G LTE 200200200MB5 Days
Medium Plans4G LTE 5005001.6GB7 Days
4G LTE 10001,0003.2GB30 Days
Large Plans4G LTE 20002,0007.5GB30 Days
4G LTE 25002,50010GB30 Days
4G LTE 30003,00012GB30 Days
4G LTE 40004,00018GB30 Days
4G LTE 50005,00024GB30 Days
4G LTE 80008,00048GB30 Days
4G LTE 1500015,00060GB30 Days
4G LTE 1800018,00090GB30 Days

Glo has added a new plan, 1.6Gb for N500 which will last for 7 days. The other plans are the same thing you'd get if you are on a 3G network. The difference is, you can not experience the amazing speed of browsing.


To subscribe, walk into any GLO outlet near you and get request for a 4G enabled SIM card. Then dial *777# and press 1 i.e. 4G LTE Data services and pick your preferred plan.

NOTE: GLO 4G LTE SIM will only work on 4G enabled smartphones/modems/routers. It will NOT WORK on a 3G ONLY device.
In summary, GLO 4G is currently the cheapest 4G network in Nigeria. I am waiting for the speed test to compare with MTN 4G and Ntel 4G. I just hope GLO will now be able to fix the problems with their 3G network which has been nicknamed "Baba Go Slow". Meanwhile, NTEL is still the only 4G network offering unlimited data plan. If you want a NTEL SIM just send me a message via the contact form at the end of this page, I'll send you the contact of one of their agents.

UPDATE: Etisalat 4G is Live in Lagos! Just change your network settings to 4G, no need to swap SIM Cards like MTN and GLO. Enjoy

To check whether GLO 4G is available in your hood, check the map below:


Are you ready to switch?

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