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How To Switch to 4G LTE in Nigeria (MTN, GLO, NTEL & ETISALAT)

How To Switch to 4G LTE in Nigeria (MTN, GLO, NTEL & ETISALAT)

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In less than a week, ETISALAT, MTN and GLO have officially launched their 4G LTE network across Nigeria. It seems Nigeria's quest to achieve 30% (thirty percent) broadband penetration by 2018 might actually become a reality. Nigerians can now finally access super fast mobile internet service for the first time in a very long time. With 4G LTE now available to different parts of Nigeria, you can now enjoy the speed of broadband internet directly on your mobile device. It's time to throw your Swift/Spectranet/Smile modem to one corner. Let's get started.

4G LTE in Nigeria

Before you think about switching to 4G LTE, you must have a 4G enabled device. The device must support band 700/800/1800/2100/2600MHz frequency. Just check the phone specification to make sure it supports the band. If you don't have a 4G LTE enabled device, you can check here for the cheapest and most affordable 4G LTE phones.



MTN 4G LTE only supports band 800/1800/2100/2600MHz frequency. If your device supports it, just walk into any MTN office and request for a 4G LTE enabled SIM Card. Insert the SIM into your phone and text "4G" to 131. Make sure to check out MTN 4G LTE data plans and prices.


First of all make sure that your phone supports 700MHz LTE band. It is very important. If your phone is supported, just walk into any GLO office near you and request for a 4G LTE enabled SIM card. It's worth noting that GLO has the cheapest 4G LTE plans and the widest 4G coverage in Nigeria at the moment. Check out the GLO 4G LTE data plans.


NTEL is the only 4G LTE network that offers unlimited data cap at the most affordable price. N1,000 will give you 2 days of unlimited data. Unfortunately, NTEL is only available in Lagos and Abuja for now. To use NTEL 4G LTE, just visit any of their store and get a SIM. Insert it into your phone and start browsing. Did I also mention that NTEL has the fastest 4G LTE service in Nigeria? For the list of their stores just check the NTEL website.


Etisalat 4G LTE is the simplest to switch. If you have a 4G enabled device, just go to settings and change your network to 4G and start enjoying the speed. Meanwhile, Etisalat just increased the prices of their data plans. You may want to check them out before you decide to switch.

Switch to 4G LTE

Still don't know which network to choose? Well, if you are looking for cheaper data plans, choose GLO 4G LTE. If you are a power user and need unlimited internet, just pick NTEL. But if you are looking for reliability and speed, just go with MTN and Etisalat 4G LTE respectively.

For those who don't have a 4G enabled device, I am compiling a list of the most affordable 4G LTE phones. Just subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on the list. Meanwhile, you can check out Infinix Hot S or Infinix Zero 3. They are 4G LTE enabled and are relatively affordable too.

Which 4G LTE network are you switching too? Let me know, drop a comment.

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