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How To Change IMEI of Stubborn Tecno Phones

How To Change IMEI of Stubborn Tecno Phones

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If you are using a MTK device (Infinix,Tecno,Gionee etc) especially Tecno N7 users and for some reason you have been unable to change your IMEI using the MobileUncle method, you have come to the right place. Note that you will need a PC/laptop using this method. Also your phone must be rooted. If your phone is not rooted check here to root it.

> A PC/Laptop
> MTK Droid Tools. Download here.
> PDA net. Download here.
> A USB Cable
> Rooted Android phone


Step1 => Download and Install MtkDroid tools to your PC from the link above.
Step 2 => Download and Install PDA Net to your PC, this will automatically install the latest adb drivers to your laptop.
Step 3 => Open the MTK Droids application.
Step 4 => Connect your phone with USB debugging enabled to your PC
Step 5 => Wait for MTK Droid to load the details of your phone
Step 6 => Click the Root button (located at the bottom right corner)
Step 7 => When the process is completed, the yellow bar will change to green.

Step 8 => Click the IMEI/NVRAM button
Step 9 =>  IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 represent Sim1 and Sim 2 respectively. Just edit the new IMEI into the corresponding space and click replace IMEI
Step 10 => Unplug your phone from the laptop and reboot.
Step 11 => Dial *#06# after your phone reboots to confirm the new IMEI.

 If you follow these steps accordingly, you should be able to change your IMEI easily. Note that your phone must be rooted before you start. If Mtk Droid tools get stuck after Step 6, just unplug your phone and restart Mtk Droid tools. If you need a working Blackberry IMEI just leave a comment below with your e-mail address, I will send it to you.

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  1. Thanks a lot bro. Was able to change the IMEI of my Tecno N7

  2. Can it work for techno A7

  3. It's working on Tecno A7 nice one

  4. What of tecno y6 it rooted but I can't change d IMEI what can I do

    1. What is the error you are getting? and which method are you using?

  5. I can't change my tecno l7 emei

    1. This method didn't work for you? What is the error you are getting, let me give you an alternative method.

  6. ı apply all the step but my ımeı number still same