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New Smart Condom Tracks Sex in Real Time (You can even share your Stats)

New Smart Condom Tracks Sex in Real Time (You can even share your Stats)

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Smart condoms.. really? 😒. Internet of things (IoT) has found its way into the most intimate part of our life, SEX. Yes, this new smart condom aims to give you the ability to track your *coughs* sexual performance *coughs* and even share your stats for everyone to see how good bad you are in bed. 

The smart condom is produced by a UK company called i.Con. The "condom" is more like a c**k ring that fits over the regular condom and tracks your sex stats while you do your thing. It can also detect certain STDs like syphilis & Chlamydia. 

Smart Condom from i.Con
Behold.. the new weird wearable

The i.Con smart condom tracks the following stats:
  • Thrust speed
  • Number of Calories Burned
  • Thrust Velocity
  • Average skin temperature of your John Thomas
  • Number of styles/positions used
  • Number of times you had sex. 
In fact, it aims to answer all your burning questions about sex and pair with the mobile app to give yo visualized reports.

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The smart condom will come with a one year warranty and has a micro-usb port that provides 5 to 8 hours of usage (I'm still not sure what the usage means). It will use a combination of nano-chips and sensors to detect activity and can pair with your phone via bluetooth so you can track activity. Weh Don sir

Questions have been raised about how the device will work, most importantly because no pictures or demo of the device is available. Although, the company has confirmed that the device will be available in one size with "band adjustment feature".

The  smart condom is currently available for pre-order for about £59.99 (about $74). Check it out here. If you are worried about privacy, they say all data will be kept anonymous but users can share the data with their friends or the whole internet.

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So, what do you think abou this weird "condom"? Drop your comments below.

Source: Cnet

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