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Innjoo Max 3 - Large Battery, Awesome specs & Beautiful Design

Innjoo Max 3 - Large Battery, Awesome specs & Beautiful Design

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Popular smartphone makers, Innjoo, are set to launch another flagship android device, Innjoo Max 3, a monster 6 inch android device. The Max 3 is an upgrade to the Innjoo Max 2 and Max 2 plus which were launched and released in November 2015. The Max 2 and Max 2 plus had very nice specs and a beautiful design which made it a favourite in the market. Read my Innjoo Max 2 and Max 2 plus review here.

The Innjoo Max 3 doesn't drop the standards from the previous Max phones released. The phone comes with a large 6inch HD screen, a 13MP camera, fingerprint sensor and a large 400mAh battery to give you enough juice to last 2 days of use.
Innjoo Max 3
=> 6 inch HD Screen
=> Fingerprint Sensor (0.35s to unlock)
=> 1/2GB RAM
=> 16GB ROM
=> Quad Core CPU
=> Large 4000mAh Battery (Up to 2 Days of Normal usage)
=> Dual SIM support
=> 13MP Rear Camera with Flash
=> 8MP Front Camera for awesome selfies
=> 4G LTE Enabled
=>  Diamond Cut glass body
=> Android 5.1 Lollipop

=> Awesome aesthetics
=> Large Screen
=> Large Battery

=> Still Lollipop 5.1, Android Nougat 7.0 rolls out very soon.

The Innjoo Max 3 has a premium design. The all metal body makes it feel very exclusive on touch. The 2.5D diamond cut glass perfectly meets 8.6mm slim edges at the corner. This gives the phone a premium look. The 4000mAh battery also gives you up to 2 days of normal usage, so you don't run out of juice whether you are gaming, surfing the internet or watching movies. The Max 3 has a 6 inch HD screen which supports 720P High definition pictures giving you more than an ordinary large screen.
Innjoo Max 3

The Innjoo Max 3 will be launched in the coming weeks and will first be available exclusively on Jumia. The price has not been released but its expected to start from about N40,000. The phone will be available in 3 colours: Champagne Gold, Rose Gold and Metallic grey. You can pre order the phone here.

In Summary, I think the Innjoo Max 3 is a very worthy successor to the Max 2 and Max 2 Plus. The phone boasts of very good specs and an awesome design which should make it a fan favourite. I just hope it gets a good price to accompany the specs when the phone is finally launched.

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  1. Innjoo phones are nice to some extent , the only issue with them is lack of parts and service centres