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How To Use Instagram Stories - The Snapchat Killer

How To Use Instagram Stories - The Snapchat Killer

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Just when we thought Snapchat has left Instagram kissing the dust with no hope of the latter meeting the former in the photo/video sharing battle, the Facebook owned Instagram have decided to roll out their own version of what made Snapchat the popular app it is today by introducing a new feature called Instagram stories. Instagram stories basically allows you to post a picture or video and it can only be viewed by those you choose for only 24 hours after which it disappears forever. 
This is basically what Snapchat App is all about. Even the name is a direct copy from Snapchat stories. It only shows how the Mark Zuckerberg owned brand is willing to push back to the top of the food chain. If you can't buy them, just copy them.

Before you start, you need to make sure that your Instagram app is updated to the latest version. Check at the end of this post for download links.
=> Open your Instagram app and tap he plus button on the top left-hand corner of your screen
=> This will turn on the story camera which you can use to take the picture or video yu want. You can also upload existing pictures and videos from your device too.
=> Take the picture/video or upload existing ones.
=>  Edit the picture using new tools  added (there are three types of pens you can use to make drawings or doodles)
=> Tap the Done button to save your story and tap the checkmark button to share the story.

Instagram stories vs Snapchat stories
How to use Instagram stories
The stories you created will be available for viewing by your followers for a 24 hour period. The stories won't appear on the main Instagram timeline. A colorful circle appears round the profile photo of a user who has a story available for viewing. Just tap on the profile photo and the story will pop up. As you share multiple pictures/videos, they'd appear in a slideshow format very similar to that of Snapchat. You can also hide your stories from people and stop them from commenting (see below).

=> Go to your profile and tap the button on the top right hand of your screen
=> Tap Story Settings
=> Tap "Hide my story from.." and adjust the settings as you wish and tap done.
You can also adjust people who comment to only those you follow, everyone or nobody.

With this new feature, Instagram has declared an all out war against SnapChat which will make a very interesting battle to watch. The battle line has been drawn. Instagram stories versus Snapchat Stories. Snapchat is probably somewhere just telling themselves: "Well, at least we have the dog filter and the flower crown filter. Who stories epp?" :-)

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