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How To Download Windows 10 (UPDATED)

How To Download Windows 10 (UPDATED)

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As promised by Microsoft, today 29th July, 2015 is the official release date of the much talked about Windows 10 Operating system. Windows 10 is Microsoft's new iteration of the ever popular Windows operating system which almost every PC runs by default. Windows 10 come swith new and exciting features but most importantly comes to correct the wrongs of Windows 8.

Windows 10 brings back the old Windows 7 styled start menu which we all loved but Microsoft thought otherwise while creating the Windows 8. It also comes with a new Internet browser named Microsoft Edge which boasts many features absent in our normal daily browsers. The browser is said to be faster than any other internet browser. Read more features here

The good thing about Windows 10 is that Windows 7 and Windows 8(8.1) users get to upgrade fo free. As long as you run a genuine Windows system and your PC meets the minimum requirements to run the new OS. Infact, some users have already gotten  notifications via Windows update that their upgrade is ready.
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NB: From 29th July 2016, Windows 10 will no longer be a free update and the price starts from $119. Hurry Now and Upgrade. Download Windows 10 for free!

Since Windows 10 is a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.x users, don't be surprised Microsoft has started downloading it for you (especially if your windows update works automatically). Just head to Windows update and you might find an option to upgrade to Windows 10. If your PC doesn't bring up such option, you can download and upgrade your PC to Windows 10 using any of the two options below:

 OPTION 1:  Force Windows Update to download the update
==>Go to Control Panel and open Windows Update
==>Go to start menu and open Command Prompt (cmd) as administrator
==>Once it opens type without the quotes: "wuauclt.exe /updatenow" but don't press enter
==>Go back to the Windows update page already opened and click "Check for updates"
==>Go back to the opened Cmd prompt and press enter
==>Windows Update should show a prompt it is now downloading Windows 10
Note that the file is about 6Gb so you may want to check out using this MTN daily BIS tweak so you have enough bandwidth to toy with.

OPTION 2: Wait and take a Chill pill
This is especially for those who don't even run a genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.x versions but are in a hurry to install. Windows 10 ISO has just been released for free today, although it is more or less an online installer. Wait and let third party gurus dpwnload and upload an easier to download and install copy of the OS, which will most likely be compressed and not the ridiculous 6Gb worth of download you want to spend sleepless night on. I will update a link as soon as i find an offline installer that works perfectly.

So what do you think? Are you going to head to windows update and start your download (like i'm doing already ;p)? or you prefer waiting for reviews first and grab a copy later? Let me know your opinion in the comment box. Note: Tecno Winpad is still available on Jumia and its upgradeable to Windows 10.

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