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How To Watch Live Football Matches on Your PC with N100

How To Watch Live Football Matches on Your PC with N100

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Watching live football matches from the comfort of your home is getting more expensive by the day, no thanks to DSTV and Supersport's monopoly of TV rights to air such matches. We are being exploited just to keep up with the excitement football brings to us every matchday. Well, that's a discussion for another day. Today, I'd be showing you how to watch live Football matches on your PC.

=> Your PC
=> Internet Connection
=> Any Internet Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge etc)

Rojadirecta is a website which brings to you live streams for any match being played. It is not restricted to top leagues alone, you can find links  to virtually any football league in the world. Each Match has up to 20 different links categorised by the kilobyte per second speed of the stream, so if you are having a poor internet connection, you are covered. The good thing about Rojadirecta is that, 5 minutes to the start of the match, a list of the most stable links will be ranked at the top, so you don't end up searching for stable links to enjoy your match.
     They also offer highlights to matches (Even live matches) thanks to their forum.

=> Open your browser and enter
=> Click on the match of your choice
=> Choose the stream of your choice based on your internet speed
=> Wait while the link opens and enjoy your match.

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So where does the N100 come from? With N100, you get 24hrs of Unlimited internet on your PC with MTN BIS Daily (Read How To Configure Here). This will enable you to watch matches without ever worrying about how much MB is being expended. Now, you can watch Live football matches without worrying about weather disrupting signals or payment for subscriptions. 

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