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10 Facebook Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

10 Facebook Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

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Facebook is a social network that needs no introduction. It is the most used social media platform with billions of users daily. Facebook is here to stay, with the acquisition of  Whatsapp and Instagram and the listing on the stock exchange. This means despite our usual talk of deleting our Facebook accounts at some point vn the future, the truth is we just can't. Everyone is on Facebook, so why wouldn't you be there?

Majority of Facebook users don't know there are several tricks you can use to enjoy your experience. From the well known ones to the hidden ones which could be a lifesaver. Today, I will be sharing with you 10 Facebook Tips and Tricks you probably don't know about yet. Leggo!

1. View Your profile as someone else: Yes, you have always wanted to see how your Facebook page looks like when others open it. Well, you too can view your page as someone else. Just Click the button with three dots over your Cover Photo and select "View as".

2. Stop Facebook from Following You: Have you ever noticed you see adverts of a particular brand or category when you open your Facebook after closing/opening the tab on your browser? Yes, that's Facebook following you around the web (but in a good way). You can prevent this from happening, just go to settings >> Adverts >> and switch them Off if you don't want.

Facebook Logo

3. Get all Your Friend's Birthdays: Admit it, Facebook is the reason you don't forget friends and families Birthdays. You can export all your Friends birthday to any calendar of your choice e.g Google Calendar (Comes with most Android Phones), so you don't have to open Facebook everytime to note a friend's birthday. To do this, Click Events >> Birthdays >> then select a calendar app in the menu.

4. Check Who Logged into Your Account: There are several ways to keep your Facebook account safe from hackers and over zealous spouses, all these are compiled in the Security page. To find out who has been logging into your account, open Settings >> Security >> and view all the places your account is being logged in from. If you find anything suspicious there, just click end activity immediately.

5. Save Content For Later: You can save links, blog posts, to read them later. This is very helpful especially when you just opened FB just to check something quick. To save a post or link, just click the drop down menu on the post and select "Save Post". To view all your saved posts, Click the saved links on the News Feed menu in Facebook Homepage.

6. Hide Yourself from Others: The Facebook Privacy options have very useful options to hide yourself from the public, from selecting who can view your posts to who can send you friend requests. Just Click the Padlock button at the top of your Facebook Page and make adjustments.

7. Look at all your memories with a Friend: Facebook can show you how long you have been friends with someone, all the places you have been together and all the pictures you have taken together. Just open your friends profile and click the 3 dots on the cover photo. Then select See Friendship.
Facebook Privacy

8. Download All Your Facebook Data: You can download all your Facebook Data including all your posts, pictures etc. Everything you have done on Facebook can be downloaded to a single file. Just go to Settings >> Download Your Data >> Follow the instructions.

9. Play Hidden Games on Facebook Messenger: Do you know there are hidden games on facebook messenger? For example, if you send someone a football or basketball sticker, click the ball and a mini game will launch. Want to play Chess? Just type "@fbchess play" and send.

10. Facebook reactions: The new Facebook Reactions was designed to give a variety of options to a post. Now you can pick either Like, Love, Sad, Wow or Haha. To react to a post (instead of like), just hold the like button and the options will pop up.

So, what do you think? How many of these Facebook tips and tricks have you tried before?  Let me know in the comment box.

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