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Blackberry and Boeing partner to build a secure Self destruct smartphone

Blackberry and Boeing partner to build a secure Self destruct smartphone

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It seems every form of tech we have seen in all those futuristic sci-fi movies are becoming a reality little by little. Former (forgive me) smartphone heavyweight Blackberry is teaming up with one of the largest aircraft makers, Boeing to build the world's most secure device ever. So secure if someone tampers with the device it renders itself useless by mildly self destructing with all data erased from the device.

Boeing may not seem like the most likely candidate to build a smartphone at first glance but then again, they are the second-largest defense contractor in the world behind Lockheed Martin. And given BlackBerry’s continued focus on security (the main reason that so many companies still rely on their handsets), the partnership suddenly seems fitting.

On Friday, in a conference call to discuss his company's quarterly results, Chen said that BlackBerry is working with Boeing "to provide a secure mobile solution for Android devices utilizing our BES 12 platform." Boeing's self-destructing smartphone is called the Boeing Black. The phone provides secure communication among government agencies and partners working on matters related to defense and national security.

What’s more, the chassis is said to be sealed with epoxy and is held together with tamper-proof screws. Any attempt to open the phone will result in complete data loss. All data will be routed through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for secure communications.

The BlackBerry BES 12 platform will be put to use, which consolidates and routes traffic through a single port. Cross-platform BES allows customers to manage and secure their BlackBerry devices on internal networks, and also can run on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. With BES12, the customer gets a "command and control center" and this goes down well for security-minded agencies and businesses. The Reuters report said that the phone uses dual SIM cards for access to multiple cell networks. Also, the phone can be configured to connect with biometric sensors and satellites.

 The phone is targeted at security firms, bodies and National governments. Pricing and specs are not yet available but don't expect consumer friendly prices for this premium device. Maybe soon, a consumer level self destruct android phone may be available.

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