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How to Use Two Instagram accounts on Your Android

How to Use Two Instagram accounts on Your Android

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 Instagram, the photo sharing social media platform, is one of the world's most popular social media apps. The Facebook owned company boasts of several million active users sharing photos every day. The app is available on virtually every mobile platform - iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc, unfortunately one problem has always faced the users, how to use multiple accounts on one device. Enter INSTWOGRAM

Instwogram helps you have two accounts that run simultaneously from different apps on the same device. It is not an alternative client but an exact copy of the original application running on your device. Instwogram installs as an independent tool, thereby allowing you to have two versions of instagram installed at the same time thus enablig you to use multiple accounts. Instwogram is available for Android phones.
The apps are internally the same and the notifications are separated. Thus, enabling you to operate the two accounts simultaneously without hitch. No more endless logging in and out because you want to use two accounts. 

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