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Microsoft Windows 10 New features

Microsoft Windows 10 New features

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After the long wait, Microsoft has finally been announced the new features coming to its NextGen OS. The new features include Cortana, a new browser called Spartan and Xbox integration. The greatest news is that it will be coming as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users when the official full build is released for sale. Cool? its only for the first year!.

 Just has Microsoft promised, Windows 10 is going to run on all platforms (mobile, Tablet or Desktop) but with smart ntegration and adaptation depending on which device it is running. Some helpful tweaks have also been added like the all new Notification center and a much improved Settings page which finaly combines Control Panel and PC Settings.

New and improved features have been added to the OS, some of which include:
  • CORTANA: Probably the best new feature, Microsoft has finally brought its Virtual Assistant, Cortana, to live right on your Desktop. Cortana will take over the search features on the OS. She lives just next to the start button and can be accessed by both text and voice inquiries. Telling Cortana to "Play my Music" opens the Music app and saying "Please be quiet" stops the music. 

  • START BUTTON: Just like in Windows 8.1 the start button is back but the Start menu looks different. The start menu is similar to that found in Windows 7 but with Live tiles now included. The Start menu can be maximized so we have a similar view like in Windows 8.
  • SPARTAN: Just like i discussed here . A new browser is coming and its named Spartan. The browser comes with new features and is expected to compete with the likes of Google Chome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • NOTIFICATION CENTRE: Swiping from the right no longer brings up the Charms bar but an all new Notification Center. The Notification center keeps you up to date with updates from your apps like Skype, Alarms and even Important settings. Some quick action buttons have also been included.
  • NEW SETTINGS PANEL:  Finally Control Panel and PC settings no more live in virtually different worlds. The new Settings panel has been optimized to include all the options needed. Control Panel and PC settings have been merged together to give a full option settings menu.
Some other new announcements include:
  • Xbox Integration and Streaming Capability 
  • Universal apps across all devices (Phone, Tablet and Desktop)  
  • Surface Hub (a 84 inch 4K screen with touch enabled display for office collaboration) 
  • Windows Holographic (3D imaging has been built in with Windows 10 and can be experienced with the New HoloLens Headset - Microsoft's very own Virtual reality headset)
Check out the all cool new features in this video here.

Just as Microsoft promised, they are ushering a new generation for Windows which looks interesting and fun. Unfortunately, you still have to wait till later in the year to finally grab your copy of Windows 10. But if you are willing to risk crashes and bugs, you can join the over 1.7 million people running the Windows 10 Tech Preview on over 3 million PCs.

To download the Windows 10 Tech Preview, click here. Although i won't advice you to download it, if you still want it, read this post first.

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