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Facebook Releases 'Facebook Lite App' For Faster Browsing

Facebook Releases 'Facebook Lite App' For Faster Browsing

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For the past few days, Android users have noticed a new 'Facebook Lite' App quietly pushed to the Play Store by Facebook for faster browsing on low end Android phones and Low speed internet users. Facebook has not officially announced the app but it is available for download on Play Store for certain countries.The Facebook Lite App is just 252Kb to download and boasts a faster response rate even on 2G browsing speed. It maintains the core functionality of the original Facebook App without any lags or bugs one may experience when using low end Android smartphones.

The new App also includes Facebook's Messenger in-built instead of a standalone app that requires extra space. This allows for push notifications and luckily the camera integration has been retained so you still get a near full user experience with this 'Lite' App.

The set of permissions required while installing the App are shown in the image below. You can see Facebook has removed unwanted stuff which the average user might not be bothered about when browsing through his/her Facebook.
Facebook Lite

2015-01-26 14.14.48

The App has been released to certain countries including: Nigeria, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Vietnam. This is because these countries are believed to still have large amounts of internet users without access to 3G networks as the App has been optimized to work perfectly on 2G/Edge Network.

In summary, the Facebook Lite app is a good App if you are running a low end Android device or you are stuck in an area with 2G/Edge internet network. The app has been kept clean so as not to use up much space and its only about a quarter of a megabyte to download at just 252Kb.

The App is compatible with any Android Phone from 2.2 and above. Download Facebook Lite from Google Play Store or from a Mirror link here.

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