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MTN 4G LTE - See the Data Plan and Prices

MTN 4G LTE - See the Data Plan and Prices

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Over the past couple of months, MTN has been teasing us about the launch of their new 4G LTE service. The MTN 4G LTE service was originally launched in Ghana before arriving here in Nigeria. Apparently, only a few states can enjoy this new fast internet from MTN for now.
Note that a 4G LTE SIM will NOT work on a 3G smartphone or modem. Also, if you want to enjoy MTN 4G LTE, your phone must support band 800/1800/2100/2600MHz frequency. I discovered that some Android phones released earlier this year don't support this frequency. Check the manual or specs of your 4G phone now and confirm that it supports this frequency.
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MTN also released the data plans and prices for the 4G network. Surprisingly, the plans are very different from the normal 3G plans. I wonder why 4G LTE data plans will be different from the 3G version. See them for yourself below:


Price (=N=)DataValidity Period
500100Mb7 days
499150Mb1 day
1000200Mb30 days
600010Gb30 days
10,00015Gb30 days
36,999Unlimited30 days
66,49942Gb12 months

The only plan which may look sumptuous is the 10gb for 6,000 Naira, but why will you want to do that when with your 3G you can get 10Gb for 2,500 Naira on GLO. Except you need the 4G services to run a business that will give you money, there is no need to waste your money on MTN 4G. Hopefully, as more subscribers switch to 4G, MTN will adjust their plans.

UPDATE: MTN is using the normal 3G data plan for their 4G LTE service now. That means that the normal 2GB for 1k plan is working. Check out the data plans.


To subscribe, just dial *444#  *131# and choose your preferred plan.

NOTE: You need to have a 4G enabled smartphone or router that supports the 800/1800/2100/2600/ MHz frequency. Then go to any MTN Walk in centre close to you and request for a 4G enabled SIM, they'd switch your current line to the SIM.

If you are looking for alternative to MTN 4G LTE, you can get an NTEL 4G SIM Card. They have two plans which are unlimited. N1,000 for two days and N10,000 for 30 days. If you need a NTEL 4G SIM, just send me a message via the contact form at the end of this page.

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