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How To Verify any Bank Account Number in Nigeria

How To Verify any Bank Account Number in Nigeria

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Let us imagine three scenarios:

1.You want to send money at the ATM, then you are unsure of the account number, you now have to call/WhatsApp/Ping the owner of the account to confirm but everybody at the ATM queue is screaming at you. You just stand here wondering why bad things happen to good people.

2. You are at the bank, you want to send money to someone, you are unsure of the account number, so you head up to the customer care section but there are about 20 people on the queue there too. *deep sigh*

3. You want to use the mobile banking app on your phone to transfer money, for some reason the app doesn't verify the account number for you, you decide its better to just postpone it and confirm later.

This has to stop. There's a solution to all these problems. It's an app called Nigerian Bank Account Verifier.
Account VerifierACcount Verifier

=> Download the App (Check download link at the end of the post)
=> Install the app and Open it
=> Select the bank name
=> Enter the 10 digit Account Number
=> Click Verify
=> It will show you the Account Owner's full names.

=> Prevent Identity theft
=> Prevent Scam, find out real owners of account numbers.
=> Save yourself the stress of facing above scenarios
=> Prevent sending money to someone else's account.

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This is a very nice app, and i recommend it for everyone. Personally, it's a life saver app. The only issue is that it's only available for Android devices for now, hopefully the developer will add other platforms to the list soon.

Download Account Verifier from Google Playstore Here (or from Alternative Fast Mirror here)

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