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Google Adds Song Lyrics To Search

Google Adds Song Lyrics To Search

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Google keeps rolling out new features every time to provide a better user experience for users. This time around, Google has added a song lyrics card, so when you search for certain song lyrics, you can see them automatically in the search results without having to click through another website. This feature is being rolled out in phases and is currently available in US.

How Does it Work?

Just type the song lyrics which you want in the search bar, the first result will be the full lyrics which you can read through.
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This new feature is part of a Multi year licensing deal with a Toronto based company called LyricFind. The new deal is expected to be a new source of income for musicians and publishers. The deal is said to include international licensing as well meaning that other countries music will be available soon. It is believed that this new deal will be a significant revenue stream for Songwriters and publishers. Royalties will be paid based on the number of time a lyric is viewed, the more a lyric is viewed, the more money.

What are the Benefits?

This means now you can easily settle those arguments on lyrics in the blink of an eye. It also saves you the number of clicks you may have to go through to access a particular song lyric.
Moreover, every lyric in the search result is appended with a link to the full lyrics on Google Play where you can buy the song or start a free radio station.

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